We at MENDENHALL SMITH are committed to the highest form of excellence in the building community. Our goal is to enhance and provide  services that enable and improve conditions of the built environment. 


Mendenhall Smith Structural Engineers was established by Gregg N. Mendenhall, PE, SE and J. Fraser Smith, PE, SE with the goal of providing quality structural design and construction related services to the building community.  Since the time of our founding, Mendenhall Smith has established a practice or providing skillful and thorough work on a wide variety of projects while satisfying the ever present demands of accelerated schedules and tight budgets. 
Our team of engineers, technicians and support staff has proven capability, experience, and expertise to provide structural engineering services for projects of any scale.  From the most complex multi-million dollar high-rise buildings to smaller, unique projects and developments, we are confident that our services will enhance the built environment

  • We work with architects nationwide to solve complex design issues resulting in world-class structures.
  • Employ a well educated and qualified team of engineers, technicians, and support staff to provide structural engineering services for projects of any scale. 
  • We value cooperative, open minded relationships with clients and other design team members to ensure successful project completion. 
  • We create a comfortable collaborative working environment. 
  • We are always committed to excellence in structural design and service to the building community.

We are driven to design great structures.